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1st DAY

3-4 hours after application remove the protective foil. Alternatively, you can keep it on even longer, but never exceed 12 hours. Wash the tattoo quickly with warm running water and antibacterial soap (for example Protex, Detol) and gently dry with a towel or paper towel. After washing, leave the tattoo uncovered and over the night just wear clean clothing. If you have tattooed a large area, it is suitable to cover up with cling film at night. This prevents from sticking to clothing. If it sticks, wet the place first and then carefully unstick. During the first 24 hours don´t drink alcoholic beverages.

2nd–3nd DAY

During the day wash the tattoo quickly 3-5x with antibacterial soap and dry with a paper towel. Then apply a thin film of a healing cream (Bepanthen Plus, Calcium Panthotenicum). Approximately 10 minutes after application, dry skin with a paper towel to let it breathe freely. Avoid dusty or polluted environments.

3nd–21nd DAY

Further treat the tattoo as necessary with healing cream. Don´t apply a large amount of cream to avoid oozing. After approximately one week apply cream with vitamin E just in the morning and evening (never use Framykoin). If the tattoo develops scabs, don´t scratch it. Avoid too staying long in water, use a shower instead of bathing, don´t go to swimming pools or saunas. Protect your tattoo from sunlight. Always use a suncream with UV protection 20+ in the future. During the healing process limit consumption of alcohol.


Yes. Using a laser at our studio or at a Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery. But it isn´t cheap.


During tattooing the integrity of skin is undermined and tattoo instruments come in contact with body fluids. But with us you don´t have to worry. There is no risk because we follow strict hygienic standards. We use disposable needles and gloves and the machine is sterilized after each use. On the chair there is a protective cover that we change after each use and the chair is disinfected. Rarely the skin can react to the pigment – swelling, itching or oozing. People who are allergic to metal can experience this. If you have an allergy to latex, tell it to tattooist.