If you don´t like your tattoo anymore, you can get it removed. There are many methods for tattoo removal, in our salon we use two effective and quite painless methods. The first one is to cover up where the former tattoo is lightened and the old design is replaced by a new one. This method is faster and easier than complete removal by the laser and requires an experienced and skilled tattooer. The options for fixing the original tattoo are naturally limited. You should really think about the new design because it won´t be possible to change it again. Our master tattooists are happy to help you!

Laser is a more expensive, but very effective method for getting rid of the original tattoo. We work with a quality and powerful Q switch laser (Nd: YAG laser) made by the British company Ultrapulse from the latest model of the device TITAN 3. Our laser easily takes care of both black and colored tattoos.

Removal by laser operates so that the laser beams penetrate the skin, from which the pigments are removed. These pigments are gradually excreted from the skin over the next days. It is usually necessary to repeat several times – depending on the size, depth and quality of the tattoo. It may take up to about 6 treatments. The interval should be kept to roughly one month. This method is time-consuming.

If you want to lighten the tattoo and then overlay it with a new design, expect 1-3 treatments. After lightening you should wait about two months for the new design until the skin heals.

The procedure itself is short; usually it takes a few minutes – it depends on the size of the tattoo. The process is almost painless; the place will burn a little. The place can be treated with local anesthetics to make you comfortable. After the surgery the place reddens a little, it could develop blisters or scabs. Don´t scrape it or peel it off. Avoid soaking in water, sunbathing and swimming and protect the skin with cream with a high UV factor.

When should you avoid laser treatment? Certainly during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also not recommended if you suffer from epilepsy or have cancer. If you suffer from other health problems, consult your doctor about laser surgery.

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